Geotag your online photos using GPS tracks from your Android device.

Do you have an online photo collection on Flickr? Are you looking for an easy way to add location information to your photos?

Geotographer uses GPS tracks that were previously recorded with your Android device or downloaded from the internet, calculates location information for any photos taken at a corresponding time and tags all matching photos with their co-ordinates.

A typical geotagging workflow is as follows:

  • While taking photos, record a GPS track using a third party GPS logging app and store it to a GPX file.
  • Upload your photos to Flickr.
  • Start Geotographer, load your GPS track file and follow the prompts.

If the times on your camera and your GPS logging device are not synchronised, Geotographer allows you to make the necessary adjustments before committing the locations.

Please note that Geotographer does not record GPS tracks by itself. There are many free GPS logging apps available already.

Geotographer Lite is a free application, supported by advertising revenue.


Geotographer Lite is available from a number of different download locations.

Android Market Geotographer Lite
ESDN Geotographer Lite
GetJar Geotographer Lite

Or, scan the following QR code to automatically install on your Android device from the Android Market.

Geotographer Lite

Useful Materials:

Geotographer User Guide

Coming Soon:

  • Geotographer Pro, containing more advanced features for the serious photographer.
  • Support for additional file formats and additional online image repositories.

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