GeoDialer is an Android application that simplifies dialing using calling cards or other dialing services.

Configure any number of dialing services in GeoDialer’s administration interface. Once configured, GeoDialer will intercept any calls that you make to numbers that are supported by these services, and give you the option of redirecting these calls through the service of your choice.

Dialing services can be configured within GeoDialer in a few easy steps. Once configured, a configuration may be exported to a definition file which may be saved or shared with other users.

For users who frequently travel in different countries and use roaming or like to switch SIM cards in their phone, GeoDialer will automatically detect the most appropriate calling services that are available locally.

GeoDialer is available in English and Russian languages. A French translation is coming soon.


GeoDialer is available from a number of different download locations:

Or, scan the following QR codes to automatically install on your Android device from the Android Market.

GeoDialer Free GeoDialer


Are you a telecommunications provider looking to provide an easy dialing solution for your customers? We can provide you with a bespoke solution based on GeoDialer technology.


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