GeoDialer Updates

A big thank you to the GeoDialer users who have contacted me and offered their feedback.

GeoDialer 1.1 has now been released in two download forms. The existing version has been renamed as GeoDialer Free, and continues to be available for free, with support from advertisements.

Additionally, a paid version (called simply GeoDialer) has been deployed for those users who wish to have a cleaner, ad-free, interface. The paid version is available for a small fee (£1.00 GBP or $1.60 USD).

When satisfied users of GeoDialer Free purchase GeoDialer, all the settings from GeoDialer Free may be imported into GeoDialer. However, before doing so, it is recommended that you first upgrade your version of GeoDialer Free to the most recent version, as GeoDialer cannot import anything from the oldest versions of GeoDialer Free.

Enjoy the latest updates, and keep sending your feedback.


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