GeoDialer Definition: (UK) is an easy-to-use international dialing service that recognises you by the number you are dialing from and bills you each month for the number of minutes that you have used.

To make effortless calls through on your Android phone:

1. Install GeoDialer on your phone
2. Click the link to import the definition file on your phone

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GeoDialer Definition: 0800Buster (UK)

Most UK mobile operators still charge their customers for their calls to supposedly free numbers beginning with 0800, 0808 or 0500.

0800Buster is a free service which allows users to dial these numbers through a regular UK landline number, making use of the free minutes provided by their mobile contract instead.

Although GeoDialer’s most common use is for dialing international numbers, it can also be used to dial services such as this.

To make effortless calls through 0800Buster on your Android phone:

1. Install GeoDialer on your phone
2. Click the link to import the 0800Buster definition file on your phone

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The GeoDialer Definition Library

A recent update to GeoDialer has introduced the ability to import and export definitions for dialing services.

To complement this feature, we intend to provide access to working GeoDialer definition files on this blog.

If you are a satisfied GeoDialer user, please consider sharing your calling card configuration with us. To do so, go to the main GeoDialer configuration screen, select your calling card, press the “Share” button in the top right portion of the screen, and e-mail the file to

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GeoDialer customisation

Are you a telecommunications provider looking for a unique dialing solution to offer your customers?

Although our GeoDialer product is popular in its own right, we can produce a customised version to meet your individual company’s needs. Please see our Development Services page or contact us for further information.

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Introducing Geotographer (Lite)

We are proud to announce the first release of our second product, Geotographer Lite.

Geotagging photos taken using a digital camera can be a time-consuming and inconvenient process. A typical workflow would involve capturing the locations using a dedicated GPS recording device, downloading them onto a computer, saving the locations to the photos and, finally, uploading them to a photo sharing service such as Flickr.

Owners of Android devices, however, already have an internet-capable GPS recorder in their pockets. Why go through the laborious process of tagging your images on your computer, when your phone can do it for you?

Geotographer Lite is a free, ad-supported app. Now that this has been released, we will be working on Geotographer Pro, a tool packed with more features which can make the geotagging process even more painless.

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GeoDialer Updates

A big thank you to the GeoDialer users who have contacted me and offered their feedback.

GeoDialer 1.1 has now been released in two download forms. The existing version has been renamed as GeoDialer Free, and continues to be available for free, with support from advertisements.

Additionally, a paid version (called simply GeoDialer) has been deployed for those users who wish to have a cleaner, ad-free, interface. The paid version is available for a small fee (£1.00 GBP or $1.60 USD).

When satisfied users of GeoDialer Free purchase GeoDialer, all the settings from GeoDialer Free may be imported into GeoDialer. However, before doing so, it is recommended that you first upgrade your version of GeoDialer Free to the most recent version, as GeoDialer cannot import anything from the oldest versions of GeoDialer Free.

Enjoy the latest updates, and keep sending your feedback.

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GeoDialer 1.0 for Android has been released.

GeoDialer is a simple calling card app, designed to simplify the process of dialing international telephone numbers using a calling card or similar dialing service.

It can manage multiple phone cards at a time. It remembers the preferred card to be used for dialing individual countries, making it ideal for juggling a number of phone cards at once.

See the entry in the Android Marketplace for a download link and further details.

GeoDialer is currently localised in English and Russian languages. A French version is in development.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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